O’Donnell’s Market is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP). This commitment recognizes the increased need for participating in and maintaining environmentally responsible fishing habits. Over the last 20 years, The ORP and its partners have planted more than 5.9 billion oysters across more than 2,000 acres. The ORP is also responsible for creating and maintaining the largest sanctuary in the United States.

Our team has pledged to take up the fight against unsustainable fishing practices by partnering with ORP, and starting today, you can also get involved. As part of our commitment, we pledge to recycle all oyster shells in-house. Any customers who want to join the cause can also bring their oyster shells in, and we will happily recycle those as well.

Natural oyster shells are the best material on which to raise new oysters and restore our damaged oyster reefs. By recycling oyster shells, you can help us restore and maintain the natural oyster habitats that contribute so heavily to the ocean’s environment.

To learn more about The Oyster Recovery Partnership and oyster shell recycling, please visit http://oysterrecovery.org/

Warmest Wishes,

The O’Donnell’s Market Team